Top 20 Best Grow Lights Canada Reviews [Buying Guide] 2021

Best Grow Lights Canada: Are you looking to have some indoor sunshine for your plants? You might be struggling with choosing the best grow lights for your plants. The grow lights are an important source of light for the indoor plants to make them grow properly and fully with all the nourishment.

Your house plants would be drooping down due to the harsh changing weather and you need them to come to life. Fresh plants will give you the best taste year around. To provide better lighting to your plants, grow lights will be the most beneficial providing hours of mock light for the healthy development of your houseplants.

These grow lights have a range of color spectrum and can provide light of any color needed in every growth stage of your plants. The lamps do not run hot, are highly efficient, with low wattage and high longevity.

Being so economical, the grow lights can help you start your nursery at home. These grow lights come in various sizes, shapes, and configurations. So, deciding on what kind of lights you want for your plants among so many options out there might be confusing and mind-boggling for you.

To simplify things, we have curated this whole list and details of the easy-to-set-up and use, well-designed, economical, and effectively grow lights for your plants. Here’s our take on the best and top grow lights in Canada.

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Our Top Picks of 20 Best Grow Lights Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light
Dimensions 15.3×12.8×3 inches
Weight 11.6 lbs
Flowering Coverage 2.5’x2.5’ at 22”
Vegetative Coverage 3’x3’ at 32”
Life Span ≥100,000 hours
Number of LEDs (120pcs) High Intensity 5W Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs
Avg. Power Draw 260W±3% at 120V

The VIPARSPECTRA LED grow light is UL certified and a trusted brand in the industry of lighting. These are successful because of their optimal color spectrum which provides light to the plant during different stages of their lives. It provides the plant with everything that the natural sunlight provides.

The buds grow bigger with high yield all while saving you on energy costs and operational costs compared to the traditional horticulture technologies. This reflector-series grow light has VEG and BLOOM switches which are there for different stages of plant growth. During the flowering stage, both the VEG and BLOOM switches are kept on while hanging the light at 18″-24″ keeping it running the whole day (for 12 hours).

Their reflector design increases the PAR output by 50%. The fire-resistant reflector design is made to deliver light to be spread on all parts of the plant equally rather than being too concentrated on the middle portion which causes stunted growth and sun-burning in the plants.

The most convenient of it is its Daisy Chain Function which allows the growers to use multiple lights in a fewer number of outlets. The system is quite simple and does not demand any extra cords. You just need to connect the provided cord with the other light’s outlet and the connection among multiple units can be achieved.

The VIPARSPECTRA LED grow lights have a good cooling system with aluminum cooling heat sinks and noiseless cooling fans which are high-speed and keep the lighting system heat-free. So, enjoy your favorite veggies and fruits year-round without the fear of season.

  • Convenient
  • Light is evenly distributed
  • Dense canopies are also penetrated
  • The cooling system is excellent
  • Greater Lifespan
  • Less energy and production expense
  • Suitable for all the plants
  • Full-spectrum
  • Prone to rust
  • May cause burns in foliage if not handled properly

2.MARS HYDRO 400W Full Spectrum Growing Lamp

MARS HYDRO 400W Full Spectrum Growing Lamp
Dimensions 13″x13″x4″
Weight 10.63 lbs
Flowering Coverage 2.5’x2.5’
Vegetative Coverage  3’x3′
Life Span 50000-100000 hours
Number of LEDs 80pcs x 5watt chip
Avg. Power Draw 158.4W±5% at 220V

The MARS HYDRO 400W Full Spectrum growing lamp is a reliable product to grow your plants indoors with proper nourishment. Its high PPFD makes sure that the plants give more yield while getting the best of the benefits from the light as provided by the natural sunlight.

The lights provide 100% output due to the usage of Epistar chips with its improved reflection cup design.  It emits out red and blue lights which lie in the UV and IR range of the color spectrum. Its system is so effective that due to the parallel combination of chips, the failure of one chip does not affect the functioning of the whole light.

MARS grow lights are home to the SMD LEDs and the superior LED design which give it a longer life span than most of the traditional grow lights. These grow lights Canada let the flowers grow and bloom fully in full swing. The grow lights are full-spectrum and are suitable for all kinds of plants.

It also has the daisy chain light system which lets multiple units of lights connected through the provided cords. Through this, you can accommodate multiple units of grow lights for a greater number of plants in the grow tents. The recommended hanging distance of lights varies for the seedling, growth, and bloom and you need to follow it to avoid any burns or wastage of plants.

MARS grow lights have the best big heat sink with two fans making an excellent cooling system which is good for heat dissipation. The whole light is made of top-quality material and is safe to use. Its cooling system makes it enough for self-cooling.

  • Full Spectrum
  • Suitable for all plants
  • Good cooling system
  • Longer lifespan
  • The light is a bit bright for the eyes.

3.OUMMET 1000W Plant Growing LED Grow Light

OUMMET 1000W Plant Growing LED Grow Light
Dimensions 12.20”x8.35”x2.36”
Weight 11.5 lbs
Flowering Coverage 4.2 x 4.6 inches.
Vegetative Coverage 3.4 x 3.8 ft
Life Span ≥100,000 hours
Number of LEDs 100pcs 10W LEDs
Avg. Power Draw 157W±5%

OUMMET 1000W growing LED lights are the best source for the nourishment of your plants to develop them fully in every stage of their lives that the natural sunlight would do.

This grow light is a perfect fit to prevent your plants from stunted growth and burns. It does not depend on the outdoor lighting as it provides for and protects the plants even if it’s pitch-dark outside. The flora is not disturbed and all these flowers grow in the best of their state. No burning effect on the plants is seen. The plants also do not get dried-up in the presence of these lights.

This 1000W LED grow light produces a full but balanced spectrum providing the plants in all the stages of their lives. It also has VEG and BLOOM double switches to balance the light, keeping in check which type and time of color spectrum are best for the plant in that particular stage of its life. It helps the plants grow faster and healthier.

Coming to its cooling system, it has 3 large-sized cooling fans for heat dissipation maintaining air circulation. The environment is kept at a  fairly cool temperature by its powerful cooling system. Its 10W LED dual-chip system is much more brighter and efficient than the traditional LEDs.

These come with the daisy chain system which helps to connect multiple units of light with the help of a single cord. This makes them able to be connected in parallel providing light coverage to the maximum number of plants. However, it is recommended not to connect more than 4 pcs for safety purposes.

  • The double switch features available
  • Daisy chain design
  • 3 big fans for cooling
  • Hanging hook available
  • Weatherproof
  • No timer available

4.Phlizon 1200W LED Plant Grow Light

Phlizon 1200W LED Plant Grow Light
Dimensions  16*8*2” (41*17*6cm)
Weight 5.6lbs (2.5kg)
Flowering Coverage 2’x2’
Vegetative Coverage 3’x3’
Life Span ≥100,000 hours
Number of LEDs 10W LEDs 120Pcs
Avg. Power Draw 241w

PHILZON produces excellent LED grow lights. It has no reflector system and thus does not cause the burning of the plants. Mostly, the reflectors in grow lights are not heat-resistant and due to any unfortunate incident, the light being at 80 degrees temperature can melt and cause a fire.

It has a double switch system with VEG and BLOOM switches. The VEG switch having white and blue LEDs are best for seedling and young vegetative growth while the BLOOM switch empowers the white and red LEDs. Both VEB and bLOOM switches are kept on for the flowering stage of the plant.

It is a full spectrum light with red, blue, UV, and IR LEDs. These protect the plants with the defense mechanism and ensure the availability of essential nutrients for the plants. Different hanging distance is recommended for the different stages of plant growth.

Doubling cooling fans are used in this to ensure proper heat dissipation. It is energy-efficient, uses less electricity, and has a more comprehensive light spectrum. It generates less heat as compared to other grow lights and has the most effective coverage area.

  • Full Spectrum
  • Saves Energy
  • Double cooling fans
  • Good metal design
  • Protect plants as well
  • Power cords are a little shorter

5.MARS HYDRO Led Grow Light

MARS HYDRO Led Grow Light
Dimensions  52.3cmx 29.6cmx 7.9cm / 20.6x 11.7x 3.1 inches
Weight 5.2kg/11.5 lbs
Flowering Coverage 2.5x2ft at 18 inches
Vegetative Coverage  4x3ft at 24 inches
Life Span 50000-100000 hours
Number of LEDs 120 pcs x 5watt chip
Avg. Power Draw 223w at 220 V and 225w at 110V

This MARS HYDRO 600W LED grow light focuses on utilizing the superior 12-band Full spectrum with IR and even-par value to get the most photosynthetic response from the plants. It is considered to have one of the most cost-efficient production spectrums ensuring full and healthy growth of the plants.

These are innovative with more red LED lights producing bigger flowers, larger healthy fruit, and high yield. It is perfect for 3x2ft flower coverage at 18 inches and 4x3ft vegetative coverage at 24 inches. When compared to other traditional hydroponic technologies, these have less power consumption of an average of 250w.

This has an upgraded daisy chain function which allows connecting various units of lights accommodating more plants. This enables more convenient and easier indoor planting. You can connect these lights through a single cord and there is no need for extra cords.

To simplify the process of lighting, there is an ON and OFF for your ease. They also have a timer on the light to monitor the hours of lighting. You can easily change the intensity of lighting according to the stage of growth of the plant. It works while maintaining stable voltage.

  • Energy and cost-efficient
  • Cool and quiet
  • Plants grow and respond well
  • Reliable
  • Hanging adjustment needed for proper growth

6.LED Grow Light 1200W, Full Spectrum IR COB Reflector Series Plant Lamp with Daisy Chain

Full Spectrum IR COB Reflector Series Plant Lamp with Daisy Chain
Dimensions 35 x 25 x 5.5 centimeters
Weight 6.5 lbs
Flowering Coverage 2’x2’
Vegetative Coverage 3’x3’
Life Span 50000-100000 hours
Number of LEDs 56 LEDs + 2 COB
Avg. Power Draw 210watt

AGLEX is a well-established manufacturer of innovative grow lights. It has produced cutting-edge technology grow-lights. Its COB technology reflectors along with the 90-degree reflectors ensure that 98% of the lights are provided to the plants making them happy and healthy.

It has a system of VEG and BLOOM switches that allows you to change the lighting for different growth stages of the plants without unplugging. This also saves from electricity. It is recommended to keep both the VEG and BLOOM  switches on during the flowering/blooming stage.

The daisy chain system present in it let s you join multiple units of lights without worrying about the tangled mess of wires around. It means the process easier and more efficient. But it is suggested not to connect more than 4-5 lights so that there might not be any violence of safety measures.

The AGLEX grow lights have an efficient cooling system- an aluminum heat sink and good quality big cooling fans make the LED panels give off very little heat making the system cool and quiet. This also extends the lifetime of the grow lights.

These grow lights produce more yield with less time. They produce full-spectrum with help of the high power COB and double chip LEDs which closely mimic the natural sunlight bringing up the plants in full health.

  • Good cooling system
  • Lower electricity cost
  • Lower heat emitted
  • Higher yields in less time
  • Coverage at higher altitude is less

7.2000W LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants
Dimensions 48 x 25.2 x 10.4 cm
Weight 1.5 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage 2’x2’
Vegetative Coverage 3’x3’
Life Span 50000-100000 hours
Number of LEDs 600 pcs
Avg. Power Draw 239W±5%

The Koscheal grow lights are top-quality lights for your plants. These are 2000W grow lights with no reflectors. This decreases the danger of fire or any other incident. These led spotlight reflectors make the lights look beautiful but they are not resistant. Also, these reflectors worsen the light transmission and its uniformity. So, in case any short circuit occurs then the reflector at 80 degrees can cause a serious fire.

These grow lights also have the VEG and BLOOM switch system which is very beneficial for the plants in different stages of their lives. The VEG switch is good for seedling growth while the BLOOM switch is bests for the fruiting or the flowering stage of the plant. These grow lights provide light to the plants according to their needs. Both the switches are kept on to get maximum yield and response from the plants from the seedling stage to the final flowering/Fruiting stage of the plants.

The par/lumen of the grow lights is balanced to keep the coverage and the output maximum along with a longer lifespan. These include red, blue, white, UV, and IR rays similar to the sunshine and are best for the pants to provide them with all the basic growth essentials.

They are energy efficient with less power consumption. The best hanging distance for them is 36” with max core coverage. These grow lights also have the daisy chain system but the plus here is that you do not need extra cod to connect multiple units of lights. Instead, the power cord is used as a daisy chain link between the lights. This simplifies the growing and management operation. Also, a good cooling system with heat sinks is used for proper heat dissipation.

  • Max coverage area
  • Low power consumption
  • Cost-effective
  • Daisy chain available
  • Full-spectrum
  • Not water-proof

8.BESTVA Reflector Series 2000W LED Grow Light

BESTVA Reflector Series 2000W LED Grow Light
Dimensions 22×11.4×2.8 inches
Weight 22×11.4×2.8 inches
Flowering Coverage 2.5x2ft
Vegetative Coverage 4x3ft
Life Span 50000-100000 hours
Number of LEDs 1900 pcs
Avg. Power Draw 300-400w

These BESTVA 2000W reflector series grow light has upgraded 12-band full spectrum than the generic spectrum with the red and blue lights in a balanced ratio of 1:1 rather than 8:3 to meet the plant’s needs. . It also has 4pcs of IR LEDs which are a little dim than the others that do not indicate that these are fuse instead these are specifically for the medicinal plants.

It also has two modes of VEG and BLOM. The VEG mod is essential for the germination phase while the BLOOM phase is for flowering or the fruiting phase. The lighting is kept on for 15-18 hours/day for the germination phase while it is recommended to keep the light over the plants for 12-14 hours per day when the pants are in the flowering phase. These keep the plant’s health perfect and packed with all the essentials needed for their growth in different stages of their lives.

The lens used in this effectively enhances the beam as compared to the other traditional hydroponic technologies with the power consumption of only 401w only. Also, the lenses are designed to focus maximum light on the plants to create maximum penetration.  It has a good coverage area of 5.0 x 5.4′ growing area at 40”.

The power supply and the high-temperature-resistant materials are kept isolated for safety purposes which is a plus point.  It has a 5mm Akuinum heat radiator which is best for proper heat dissipation.

  • More PPFD
  • Full Spectrum
  • Long lifespan
  • More yield
  • Low heat production
  • Coverage is not very good

9.COB LED Grow Light 1500W

COB LED Grow Light 1500W
Dimensions 35 x 22 x 7 cm
Weight 2.36 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage 4.5x3ft
Vegetative Coverage 4x3ft
Life Span ≥50000 hours
Number of LEDs 173pcs
Avg. Power Draw 310W±5%

The COB LED grow lights are based on the COB technology which is full-spectrum having high PPFD value providing better conditions and a healthy environment to the plants. These COB LEDs are resistant to heat, have less light attenuation, and have a longer life span.

Talking about its full spectrum feature, it has red, blue IR, and white lights which provide the plants with all the nutrients for their better growth and development. The flowers and buds grow well while being nutritious. It provides the plants with all the essentials that the natural sunlight would provide.

This also has the VEG and BLOOM switches which most of the grow lights have. These switches can be set according to the different growth stages that the plants go through. The VEG switch is kept on or is essential when the plant is in its seedling or germination stage while the BLOOM switch is for the stage when the plant is in the flowering or fruiting stage concentrating more on the red wavelengths all over the plants. It is recommended to keep the VEG and BLOOM switches on at the same time when the plant is in the blooming and fruiting stage for better growth and bigger fruits.

It is scientifically designed to be more efficient than other hydroponic technologies. The COB grow lights save 82% electricity and the actual power consumption is very low. The best hanging distance for these lights is 20″-36″ and are extremely bright.

  • High brightness LED
  • Full-spectrum
  • Energy efficient
  • Provides health plants
  • Not waterproof
  • Power cable overheats

10.Niello ultra-thin & ultra-light LED Grow Light

Niello ultra-thin & ultra-light LED Grow Light
Dimensions 33.3 x 1 x 33.3 centimeters
Weight 1.02 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage 1x1ft
Vegetative Coverage 2x2ft
Life Span 50000 hours
Number of LEDs 225pcs 0.2watt LED Beads
Avg. Power Draw 35w

The Niello light is ultra-thin and ultra-light with 45w LED lights designed with an anodized Aluminum back cover. Its design is high-quality, 6-Band, Full-spectrum light with red/white/blue/UV/IR 225 LED pcs with .2 watt each.

These are the updated grow lights and they should be hanged  0.3-0.5m(11inches) above the growing plants. The core coverage at 24” height should be 1x1ft while the max coverage is 2x2ft at 24”. This keeps the spread of the light at a limit or sometimes the grow light might only be concentrated in the center.

When compared to other 100W MH/HPS grow lights, these are more efficient and consume only 45w power. These do not have any fan instead they have cooling heat sinks which are effective in heat dissipation, so no noise is produced.

The plants may dry up because of the intense heat so water them frequently as the lights would be up over them for 12 to 16 hours. The Niello grow lights are more suitable for plants that are in the germination stage. The mix of UV/IR/ red, blue, and white lights is balanced so the vegetative, flower, and fruit production is stimulated.

This can be controlled with the help of a timer and no extra ballasts are needed for this. However, keep in mind that it is not water-proof so do not touch it with a wet hand.

  • Thin and light-weight
  • Consumes less power than others
  • Energy efficient
  • Plants response is good
  • Not much bright
  • Need to hang higher than suggested

11.Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light
Dimensions 64.8 x 26.8 x 5.9 cm
Weight  4.64 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage 2 x 4 ft
Vegetative Coverage 3 x 4 ft 
Life Span ≥50000 hours
Number of LEDs Numerous LEDs
Avg. Power Draw 202.3W±5% 

The Spider Farmer grow lights have the latest energy-efficient Samsung diodes to get maximum yields and reduced electricity bills. This system creates a better canopy light penetration system. The system only consumes less power only about 202w with 50% less power loss and consumption.

For large areas of growing or commercial plantation, these grow lights have light and dimming switches through which you can easily adjust the intensity of lights. When these grow lights are connected, unified dimming through a dimming knob can be done easily.

This spider farmer 2000W grow lights are suitable for all plants as they comprise red, blue, white, UV, and IR lights. The red light diodes are greater in number than the blue light diodes. To turn the seeds into supply, red and IR lights are the best as they speed up the flowering and blooming phase.

The design of these grow lights is good and they are made of sturdy aluminum board and do not throw out extra heat. Extra protective covers are also given in this for protection.

Daisy chain function is also available in this. You can connect up to 12 grow lights together to accommodate more and more plants and to establish large growing areas.

  • Innovative dimming system
  • Less heat production
  • Full-spectrum
  • Suitable for all plants
  • Energy efficient
  • Squealing noises when dimming

12.TS 1000W LED Grow Light MARS HYDRO

TS 1000W LED Grow Light MARS HYDRO
Dimensions 36 x 33.6 x 6 cm
Weight 3.33 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage 2.5×2.5ft at 12”
Vegetative Coverage 3x3ft at 16”
Life Span 50000-100000 hours
Number of LEDs 342 LEDs
Avg. Power Draw 150W±5%

The MARS HYDRO TS 1000W grow lights are one of the top-quality grow lights that you could choose for your plants. These have an innovative dimming system through which you can easily adjust the lighting as needed in different stages of plant growth. Moreover, the newest SMD LED technology used in these increases the par/lumen to give you the maximum yield.

With 342 LEDs, these grow lights just consume 150w power reducing the electricity bills while saving you on energy. It gives top-quality crop as the light provided by it is close to the natural sunlight and provides all the essentials to the plants from their seedling stage to when they are grown-up plants giving flowers and fruits.

Their excellent fanless heat-sink cooling system is noiseless and dissipates heat very well.  The reflector design ensures that all the parts of the plants get maximum lights and the amount of light they need. Moreover, its coverage area is also very balanced and adequate while being suitable for all kinds of plants.

The IR lights present in it speeds up the phytochrome conversion which enhances the growth of the plants and plants respond well to this. Using its daisy-chain support you can connect up to 15 light units and spread the light to more plants.

  • Even coverage
  • Max deep penetration
  • Daisy dimming system
  • Full Spectrum
  • Hassle-free growing
  • Fanless reflector design
  • Digital display not so clear

13.ONEO LED Grow Light 1200W Full Spectrum Sunlight

ONEO LED Grow Light 1200W Full Spectrum Sunlight
Dimensions 41.2 x 18.1 x 5.5 cm
Weight 2.94 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage  3’x3’
Vegetative Coverage 4’x4’
Life Span 50000-100000 hours
Number of LEDs 192pcs
Avg. Power Draw 220W±5%

The choice of ONEO grow lights will make your plants healthy and well-developed. These have the right balance of full-spectrum light which is necessary for the plants to grow and thrive. These also have the green light in them. Do not think that the green light is this is useless the green light is important for better photosynthesis and healthy-green foliage. The blue light is responsible for the robust leaf and stem growth while the red light blooms the plants to the fullest. The white lights help in increasing the yield.

This mix of full-spectrum light with high PPFD provides the herb with the best of the nutrients for their growth that natural sunlight would provide. The herb yield is increased up to 50% and the bills are decreased as well.

These lights have the SMD technology in them than the old LED system which has high-intensity light. When PPFD surpasses the value of 1000,  the rate of photosynthesis increases because more CO2 is produced. A right spectrum of light with balanced and high intensity of light brings in maximum yield.

The daisy chain system in it allows you to connect maximum lights in a single grow tent which will help you establish vast growing areas for your plants. This will enhance yield as well.

  • Full-spectrum
  • Energy efficient
  • More yield
  • Daisy chain system
  • Dimming system for better growth
  • Louder fans

14.Spider Farmer Grow Light SF-4000

Spider Farmer Grow Light SF-4000
Dimensions 64.5 x 53.6 x 5.9 centimeters
Weight 8.83 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage 5 x 5 ft
Vegetative Coverage 6 x 6 ft
Life Span ≥50000 hours
Number of LEDs Numerous pieces
Avg. Power Draw 456.9W±5% at 120V

The spider farmer grow lights provide you top-quality yield with low running costs. These are equipped with the latest diodes are highly energy-efficient, give maximum light output, and uniform canopy penetration. It only consumes 450w, less power draw means less electricity usage which decreases the operational costs.

The customized dimming design introduced in this is very efficient and has a dimming knob with a light switch. The switch can be used to adjust the intensity of the lights needed by the plants. This enables the lights to be controlled by a single switch without the need for extra stuff.

These upgraded SF series grow lights are ideal for all the growth stages of the plants. The full-spectrum red, blur, and IR lights are beneficial for plants in different stages of life. Red light provides the plants with nourishment when they are in their bloom phase. The blue light is special for the plants when they are in the germination stage.

The material used in its build is sturdy and well-designed. Quality components are used in this. Its cooling system has no noise and dissipates heat efficiently. It has fair waterproofing and comes with good-quality covers for cables for safety.

  • Customized dimming design
  • Well-designed and sturdy
  • Excellent full-spectrum
  • High-quality yield
  • Drivers get hot

15.Lenofocus LED Grow Light

Lenofocus LED Grow Light
Dimensions 40 x 30 x 0.3 centimeters
Weight 1.9 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage 2x2ft at 12-14in
Vegetative Coverage 2.5×2.5ft at 16-18in
Life Span ≥50000 hours
Number of LEDs 672 pcs
Avg. Power Draw 120W

The LENOFOCUS LED grow lights are highly efficient and bring out lower costs. Low power consumption makes it better than the HPS grow lights. These SMD LED light technology boost the yield while being good for the plants as well.

These have the optimized full spectrum including red, blue, and IR lights. Thee lights are important in different growth stages of the plants. The red light speeds up flowering and increases yield. The IR light has a different purpose but the whole light is just like the sunlight and brings in maximum nutrition to the plants as does the sunlight.

The LED grow lights have a large size with better and even distribution of light. The vegetative coverage and the flowering coverage are better and recommended at different hanging heights of the light.

The power of the lights is adjustable and these indoor lights are quiet when they are running. No fans are present in them as they produce noise. So the heat sink system of cooling is used in this. The driver is used to increase or decrese the power.

  • Less energy consumption
  • Optimized Full spectrum
  • Lower costs
  • Sturdy design
  • Silent fans
  • Slightly over-priced

16.BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light

BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light
Dimensions 31 x 21 x 6 centimeters
Weight 7 pounds
Flowering Coverage 2.5x2ft
Vegetative Coverage 3.5x4ft
Life Span 100,000 hours
Number of LEDs 100
Avg. Power Draw 185W

BESTVA grow lights are one of the most famous grow lights with the newest dual-chip technology. Its 10W Les is much more efficient and brighter than the other 3W and 5W LEDs giving the high par/lumen output per watt.

There are nine bands of LEDs making the full spectrum light helping the plants and the vegetables at all the stages of their growth. The VEG mode is for the germination phase of the plants while the BLOOM mode is for the blooming/flowering phase. It is recommended to keep both the modes on when the plants need more energy or it is in the final flowering stage.

These have a powerful cooling system as its 3mm thick Aluminium radiator for better heat dissipation. Holes are also present on the Aluminium board and the glass used causes heat convection which is best for temperature lowering.

The MARS 600w grow lights have a greater core coverage area than any other reflector series. Daisy chain function is not present in these because the energy overlap causes waste and is also dangerous. This may also cause a fire.

  • Powerful cooling system
  • Maximum core coverage area
  • VEG and BLOOM modes present
  • Daisy chain function absent
  • Full-spectrum
  • A light covering radius is not accurate

17.MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Lights

MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Lights
Dimensions 35.6 x 31 x 3.6 centimeters
Weight 2 pounds
Flowering Coverage 2.5×2.5ft at 12″
Vegetative Coverage 3x3ft at 16″
Life Span 50000- 100000 hours
Number of LEDs 342
Avg. Power Draw 150W±5%

This MARS HYDRO 600W grow light is full-spectrum and suitable for all kinds of plants. It gives out light that is close to the sunlight, bringing out the rapid response from seed to flowers. These are scientifically designed to be energy-efficient.

These grow lights give an enviously large yield with its new LED technology. This brings in high PAR/ Lumen output and less power is consumed. These grow lights are much better than 600W HPS grow systems.

MARS HYDRO  grow light has a highly reflective heat sink LED grow light system which dissipates heat very well. It keeps the lights cool. Due to this the light intensity is increased up to 20%, giving the plants more and more lights.  The plants grow healthy and happy.

The Aluminum board of the  LED grow light heat sink makes the system cool down without the usage of fans. Instead, this is a noiseless system.  The IR lights included in it promote growth, flowering, fruiting, and much more. The buds develop healthily and bigger.

  • Sturdy Aluminum body
  • Powerful full-spectrum lights
  • Energy savior
  • Large harvests
  • Reflector heat sinks
  • Noiseless fans
  • Drivers get too hot
  • No power switch

18.Monios-L T5 LED Grow Light

Monios-L T5 LED Grow Light
Dimensions 118.1 x 8 x 3.9 centimeters
Weight 1.15 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage 2.5×2.5ft
Vegetative Coverage 3x3ft
Life Span 45,000+ Rated Hours
Number of LEDs Numerous
Avg. Power Draw  60w±5%

Monios 4-ft LED grow lights are an excellent full spectrum grow light and is a professional replacement of the natural sunlight. This has a high PPFD value which is perfect for the seedlings, fruits, and flowers of the plants.

These grow lights are suitable for indoor growing and planting and are easy on the eyes as well when you settle things in the home-grown grow light-driven garden. The color temperature of the light is 2900K which is quite comfortable for the eyes. These work well for any kind of indoor growth succulents, hydroponics, grow tents, the plant grows shelves and greenhouses, etc.

The light is constructed very well and is made of Aluminum which is efficient in heat dissipation. Light efficiency is increased by up to 20% with the help of the reflector. This ensures a longer life-span of the LED chips and hance the LED grow lights for the better growth of plants.

Talking about the safety measures, these lights are easy to hang and install. No wiring or reconstruction is needed.  An adjustable rope is also given with it to hang the lights. Different hanging distances are recommended for different stages of plants.

  • Bright Full-spectrum lights
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • The eyes do not get affected
  • Easy to install
  • Not effective for green leafy plants

19.Brillihood LED T8 Integrated Single Fixture

Brillihood LED T8 Integrated Single Fixture
Dimensions 30 mm diameter
Weight 7.25 pounds
Flowering Coverage Even coverage
Vegetative Coverage Even Coverage
Life Span  50,000/h
Number of LEDs 96 LEDs in total.
Avg. Power Draw  20W

The Brillihood LED Integrated single fixture is a 20W LED tube light that contains white lights and it replaces the 50W fluorescent light. These lights are based on SMD technology having high intensity. Also, they are reliable to be used for the healthy growth of your plants.

These grow are easy to install and convenient to use as they can be installed on the walls or ceiling or in the cupboards as well. These have an Aluminium alloy back and a clear lens through which white light comes out and is focused on the plants for maximum absorption.

A linkable connector is given with them along with the power cord to connect these light fixtures. You can connect up to 10 of these LED light fixtures. These fixtures are a great option to light up your garages, work areas, basements, and office, etc.

The LED fixtures are designed to be eco-friendly without flickering or emitting out UV rays. The UV rays are not only dangerous for the skin but the eyes as well. No extra buzzing ballast is the need and is made of non-hazardous material.

  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed in a cupboard, wall, or ceiling.
  • No ballast needed
  • No UV light emission
  • Super bright and eco-friendly
  • Runs hot

20.Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light

Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light
Dimensions  40 x 6 x 17 centimeters
Weight 2.2 Kilograms
Flowering Coverage  2x2ft
Vegetative Coverage  1.5×1.5ft
Life Span ≥50,000 hours
Number of LEDs 60
Avg. Power Draw 100W±3%

The PHILZON 600W LED grow light is not based on the reflector as many other grow lights have the reflector design but this can be dangerous. The light reflectors are usually non-resistant to fire and they reach up to the temperature of 80 degrees which is very high to cause any fire in case of an accident.

Compared to other 100W MH/HPS grow lights, these lights consume less power and are energy efficient. These have the most effective coverage area than any other reflector series light. Double cooling fans are used to get rid of the heat.

These also consist of VEG and BLOOM modes which are best for different growth stages of the plants. The VEG  mode is for the seedling stage of plants while the BLOOM one is for the flowering stage. However, sometimes the plants need extra energy to grow so it is recommended to use both modes.

The PHILZON lights are excellent full-spectrum lights and all experimented on to ensure that they provide all the red, blue, white, UV, and IR rays of lights necessary in different stages of the life of the plant.

  • Excellent full-spectrum
  • Saves energy
  • Fewer bills
  • Less power consumption
  • VEG and BLOOM modes available
  • Coverage is not even

Types of Grow Lights:

There are three types of grow lights used for the plants which are based on modern technology:

LED (Light Emitting Diode):

The LED lights are most suitable for you if you planning on running a big indoor home garden with all kinds of essential plants. These are cost-effective and energy-efficient. They require a high initial investment but that amount is make-up by the low electricity bills and its life span.

They are mostly characterized with excellent full-spectrum or just the red-blue spectrum essential for different stages of plant growth.

High-Intensity Light:

High-Intensity light (HLI) are used and recommended for people who have a business or want to establish a business of indoor plants or indoor garden. These types of grow lights are well-known for growing kitchen plants, fruits, and veggies. These require a low initial investment.

 There are two types of HLIs: one is the Metal Hydride bulb or light which emits out blue light and is good for the germination stage of plants while the other one is High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) light emitting out the strong red spectrum and is good for the flowering/fruiting stage of plants.

Fluorescent Lights:

Fluorescent lights are used as grow lights only when you grow plants for your hobby. The reasons for this are that firstly, they are not effective, have low output, and are not scalable. Some important types of fluorescent lights are CFL, T5, T8, and T12.

Benefits of Grow Lights:

Grow lights that are responsible for the proper growth of your plants and provide them a better environment to grow. They have several benefits that are listed below:


The grow lights are environment-friendly and do not emit any harmful radiation. Moreover, they are free of any toxic substances. All the grow lights are and should be certified by RoHS to ensure that they are safe to use.

Healthier Plants:

The LED grow lights that do not emit UV or IR rays are more preferred because they may burn the plants and the plants get dried up. So, the traditional techs are abandoned as they cause damage to the plants. The grow lights which produce less heat and help in adjusting wavelengths of lights are the best because the energy and water used for the plants are to make them healthy and not merely for their survival.

Targeted Wavelength Supplied:

The supply of targeted wavelength means the plants only need a specific wavelength of light for different growth stages of their lives. So, there is no need to turn on the full-spectrum of light always at every stage. The grow lights allow you to provide exact light to your plants to meet their photosynthetic needs.

Full Spectrum:

Good quality LED grow lights produce the right and balanced full-spectrum necessary for the plants. They provide your plants with what they need exactly. The concept that plants only need red and blue lights is not true in this scientific age, also, do not go for the Blurple lights. Many fixtures allow you to turn off or change specific wavelengths for a particular growth stage of your plant. So, this makes them more desirable than natural sunlight.

Energy and Production savings:

The LED grow lights are more energy-efficient as compared to the traditional grow light technologies. They do not heat much because they do not have to burn anything to produce light. Moreover, due to less power consumption, the electricity bills also decrease.

Increased Lifespan and  Cool Operational Temperatures:

The modern grow lights are more preferred because they have a greater life span of 50000-100000 hours than the traditional ones. This is due to their low or cool operational temperatures. They produce less heat. Due to increased life-span, you can easily grow crops for many years without changing lights.

Buying Guide For Best Grow Lights Canada

If you are a beginner in indoor growing then do not worry because we have jotted down the basics for you that will help you in learning about the type of grow light you need and how to choose the best grow light.

Coverage Area:

Coverage is associated with the light intensity and the PAR value. If you will hang the grow light too high from the plants, the light intensity will decrease and the PAR value will also dec and vice versa. Every plant and every stage of growth of plants needs specific coverage and light intensity. More or less can cause damage, burning, or even stunted growth of the plants. This PAR value and the coverage areas are mentioned on the product. However, most of them are misleading so always buy from a quality manufacturer.

Actual Power:

Usually, the lights with wattage between 250 watts to 1000 watts are efficient and are the best choices, however, we recommend going for the 600W grow lights as the higher ones like the 1000W light run hot and a strong cooling system is needed for them.

Full-Spectrum or multi-colored:

The full-spectrum or multi-colored, both are good for the plants in different stages of their lives however, we recommend going for the one with full-spectrum, they are a bit costly but you can easily adjust the type of wavelengths you want for your plants for their growth stages. Choose depending on your budget as both are good. Some good quality fixture also has a white light in them, which is very close to the natural sunlight.

Size of Fixtures:

Small-sized LED fixtures are recommended than buying a fewer number of large-size fixtures. You can add up the actual wattage of the small fixtures by connecting them and in this way, the plants will get maximum light from different directions.

Cooling system:

The cooling system of the LED grows lights should be good enough to dissipate heat well. As the heated fixtures may catch up the fire and they can also burn the plants. Always for the double cooling fan system but the quiet one. The better cooling system is the one with an Aluminium radiator that does not provide heat and the heta sinks throe away the heat efficiently.


Be aware of the safety measures and the materials used for manufacturing the grow lights. Some materials are toxic and they catch up fire easily or they get too much hot. Also, most of them are not water or weather-proof so do not hold or touch with wet hands or without gloves. Some have extra wiring, do not go them.


Always make sure that your grow lights come with a warranty and are manufactured by authentic and professional manufacturers. This way you will be saved from any fraud.

FAQs For Best Grow Lights Canada


We have curated the details and the list of best grow lights canada to help you choose the best one for your plants. All these options and details are well-researched and applied before putting down things in front of you so choose what suits your plants and your budget. Grow healthy, Eat healthily!

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